As part of 2022 Brighton Fringe I will be giving tours of Palmeira Mansions.
To book a ticket visit or call 01273 917272

Palmeira Mansions, Brighton Palace Pier Tour, Aquarium History Tour, Brighton Station and Brighton's Seawater Tour

These guided tours are an opportunity to get into amazing places, which are not usually open to the public, and get an insight into the history of the buildings.

Palmeira Mansions

Since 2000 I have run tours of 33 Palmeira Mansions, join me and take a glimpse back at Victorian life in a house tour which reveals the opulence, taste and lifestyle of a nouveau riche gentleman. This terraced house with its impressive grade II* listed interior, has miraculously survived and is now part of the English Language Centre in Hove.

*The following are all the cancelled tours of 2020*

Brighton Palace Pier Tour

Follow in the steps of the Victorians in a stroll along the pier, a pleasure that has been enjoyed by generations. Experience a breath of fresh air and great views while the intriguing history of the pier is revealed, from a place to promenade into a palace of entertainment. The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier Company intention was to build ‘a people’s palace above the sea’, with the first pile been driven into the seabed on the 7th November in 1891 and the grand opening of the pier was on May 20th in 1899.

Aquarium History Tour, SEA LIFE Brighton

This is a unique opportunity to go off the public route and learn about the remarkable history of the world's oldest operating aquarium. Tour starts with an illustrated talk looking back to the grand opening in 1872, the alterations and uses of the building, including additional entertainment. Followed by a tour around the grade II listed building with a different view of the impressive gothic style Victorian arcade. There will also be stories of past inhabitants, where they were housed, the tanks and displays, plus the recent restoration work.

Brighton Station Tours

This will be the sixteenth year that I have run the Brighton Station tours as part of the festival, I started conducting the tours after 28 million pounds had been spent on restoring the magnificent glass and cast iron roof. Brighton is a really important Station in railway history, as an early seaside resort and the head office for ‘The London to Brighton Railway Company’.

These amazing tours only happen in May as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. It is a great chance to learn about the hidden places, local history and wonderful engineering of Brighton’s grade II* railway station. The tour starts with an illustrated lecture on the history, development and hidden places of the terminus, followed by a tour of the station with the permission of Southern Railway.

Brighton’s Seawater Tour

Fresh air, amazing sea views, lovely stories, forgotten histories, seaside architecture and aquatic entertainment. See how the seawater has drawn people to Brighton for their health and delight, discovering bath houses, the aquarium, piers and swimming pools. The seawater establishments that have shaped our seafront and city, whether planned but never built, loved but lost or surviving as a legacy of the seawater cure.

Tours of the Old Ship Hotel have ended

The Old Ship Hotel tours which have been running for nine years are no longer taking place. The tours have run since June 2007 and it has been a pleasure to conduct tours in such a special historic building. I would like to thank the various managers and staff who have supported me over the years making these tours possible.